Professional assessment and treatment of spinal and limb conditions.

On a daily basis we provide assessment and subsequent treatment options for a wide variety of muscle ,bone and nerve complaints. Usually what our clients attend the clinic for are issues relating to pain, injury or problems of movement. Our post graduate qualifications combined with our extensive experience allows us to offer a range of services that may help your complaint.

Often people present for assessment not knowing why they have a problem. This is a very common situation. Generally these problems relate to issues from lifestyle, training or the ageing process.

When you present to our clinic, we undertake an assessment to try and establish the cause of your problem. For most people , a management plan can be established quickly. The physio options available include

  • joint mobilisation
  • soft tissue release
  • exercises to improve your strength , posture and flexibility
  • preventative strategies ,ie, ergonomic advice , posture

If you not sure as to whether we can help on not, please call. All you need to do is, call and speak with one of our physiotherapists who will assist you in determining whether physiotherapy is likely to help you. Please call and have a chat. This phone review is provided without obligation to the clinic and with no fee involved. Whilst we cannot diagnose your problem over the phone, our experience allows us to help determine your best initial assessment option.