Cast application

We are one of the few private practices in the area that provide casting options. For 20 years we have been being regularly involved in cast application for the arm and leg.

If you require a cast please call, and indicate you need a cast to our reception staff .They will assist in making a booking for the same day.

We provide casts for the

Arm -- short arm, long arm, scaphoid and back slabs

Leg -- short leg, long leg and back slabs

We offer after-hours care for our patients . Approximately 5% of casts that are applied are problematic within the first few days. Problems can occur, for example, if the swelling increases because you have not elevated your injured leg resulting in an increase in pressure within the cast and therefore subsequent pain.

In order to minimise issues related to your comfort, we offer a 24 hour, seven day a week phone service should you experience any difficulty.If after phone review,there are any concerns regarding your cast,then we meet at the clinic to review the situation.

Cast Waterproofing:

We offer cast waterproofing as an option. We have used Gore-Tex waterproof liner for over 15 years. It is an effective product that allows you to access a pool or shower .

The following cast care advice is provided by Gore-Tex and is the general advice we provide in our clinic .

General Cast Care Do's and Donts


  • Follow your doctor's instructions
  • Keep your cast clean
  • Inspect the skin condition around the cast edges regularly
  • File down any rough spots on the cast with an emery
  • board


  • Insert objects inside the cast
  • Use oils, oil-based lotions, or powders near the cast
  • Pull out or rearrange GORE PROCELĀ® Cast Liner
  • Place additional padding inside the cast
  • Break off or trim cast edges
  • Engage in vigorous activity involving the cast area
  • Allow the cast area skin to become sunburned soon after the cast is off


  • You have pain or swelling
  • You feel a blister or sore developing inside the cast
  • You notice an unusual odor coming from the cast
  • You experience numbness or persistent tingling
  • Your cast becomes badly soiled
  • Your cast breaks, cracks, or develops soft spots
  • Your cast becomes too loose
  • You develop skin problems at the cast edges
  • You develop a fever
  • You have any questions regarding your treatment
  • Hand Therapy Splints

Dimity Locke Physiotherapy is able to provide a range of hand therapy splints.Often.thermoplastic material is used.Themoplastic splint material is a lightweight plastic that can be moulds to the patients limb.It can be easily removed for exercises and washing.

They are frequently used for capal tunnel syndrome,fractures of the hand and thumb and osteoarthritis at the base of the thumb. They are also used following the removal of fibreglass casts for wrist and scaphoid fractures. More complex splints can be also made for tendon damage.

Soft splints may be used for osteoarthritis of the thumb and De Quervains tenosynovitis.