Back and Neck Pain

It is very common to experience significant pain that affects your neck or back.There are many causes for spinal pain.Commonly, pain occurs as a result of injury , posture or age related change. The back is the most common area of the body to experience pain.

When you present to our clinic, we undertake an assessment to try and establish the cause of your pain. For most people , a management plan can be established quickly. The physio options available include

  • spinal mobilisation, a gentle process where if your spine is tight, then with a hands-on approach we mobilize the spinal area .
  • soft tissue release
  • exercises to improve your strength , posture and flexibility
  • preventative strategies ,ie, ergonomic advice , posture

Very often we see people who have a long history of spinal pain.As part of our range of treatment options, if a hands on approach elsewhere has not helped you ,then you may benefit from an advanced core program. Essentially these programs involve specific exercises to improve your posture and spinal strength/ control . These programs are run at our clinic by Physiofit Rehabilitation.

These programs require a time commitment on your part .As a general rule you be asked to exercise at least 30 minutes a day at home .This training aspect of the program is essential in trying to change your spinal fitness. These programs can be undertaken individually or as a more cost effective alternative we offer a 10 week ,once a week ,group program.

If you not sure as to whether we can help on not, please call. All you need to do is, call and speak with one of our physiotherapists who will assist you in determining whether physiotherapy is likely to help you. Please call and have a chat. This phone review is provided without obligation to the clinic and with no fee involved. Whilst we cannot diagnose your problem over the phone, our experience allows us to help determine your best initial assessment option.