Orthosports Physiotherapy has been providing physiotherapy services since 1989. The “Physio“ service we offer vary’s from back pain management to rehabilitation after sports injury or operation.

Why come to our clinic ? What makes us different ?

  • We have experienced practitioners . This experience allows us to provide a range of physiotherapy services from care required after your operation to spinal pain management.
  • We work closely with other health practitioners at our clinic, as required. If your problem requires help to be provided by one of our specialist doctors, then we can help coordinate quick access for you.
  • We have 5 Orthopaedic surgeons, a Sports Medicine Physician, and a Physiotherapist with a clinical interest in Hand Therapy. These practitioners all consult from our modern clinic at Concord.
  • Most of our Physiotherapists have post graduate qualifications within Physiotherapy, either in Manipulative Therapy or Sports Physiotherapy.

Not sure if we can help?

All you need to do is, call and speak with one of our physiotherapists who will assist you in determining whether physiotherapy is likely to help you. Please call and have a chat. This phone review is provided without obligation to the clinic and with no fee involved. Whilst we cannot diagnose your problem over the phone, our experience allows us to help determine your best initial assessment option.


47 Burwood Road Clinic Concord